mod developments construction
July 31,2020
It’s hard to believe but it is already midsummer in Toronto. We thought now was the perfect time to share the latest construction updates for two of our ongoing projects: 55 Charles Residences and Waterworks Toronto. Read on to learn how each building is progressing and exactly where we’re at in the process right now. Read More
decorate your balcony

Tips To Decorate Your Balcony This Summer

July 17,2020

Torontonians definitely want to make the most of their outdoor space, to get maximum enjoyment during this gorgeous summer weather. If you’re thoughtful about how you furnish your balcony, you’ll look forward to using it morning to night. We’ve rounded up some great ideas to help decorate your balcony; it may just become your new […]

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sectional sofas

6 Sectional Sofas That Offer Comfort Without Sacrificing Space

June 26,2020

Sectional sofas are the cornerstone of every living room. They’re a comfy place to lounge, entertain, work, and nap. Those with a chaise option offer that little something extra, whether it’s more room to spread out, a place to pile your books and magazines during a marathon reading session, or additional seating for when guests […]

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condo green features

A Tour of 55C’s Green Features

June 12,2020

Homebuyers who are looking to invest in a new property often have a long wish list. In recent years, environmentally friendly living spaces have grown in popularity and as technology evolves it’s now possible to find new, modern construction that offers many green features. 55C is proud of the energy-efficient systems it has put in […]

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toronto withstood historic upheaval

4 Times Toronto Withstood Historic Upheaval And Came Out Stronger

May 29,2020

This isn’t the first time the city of Toronto is undergoing historic upheaval. In the past century, Toronto has faced some truly remarkable challenges, and each and every time it has come out stronger. In difficult times we see the best in our fellow citizens, who pull together to work hard and help one another […]

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Food Delivery Near 55C To Order Tonight

May 15,2020

We’ve all been spending lots of time in the kitchen lately, cooking and baking. But every once in a while even the most dedicated home cooks deserve a break. Maybe tonight is the night to indulge in a craving for something special—and support a local restaurant—by ordering food delivery. We’ve rounded up some fantastic neighbourhood […]

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MOD Developments

How To Virtually Tour Toronto While At Home

April 24,2020

The city of Toronto boasts an array of cultural attractions that appeal to all ages. To ensure that their unique collections and spaces can still be enjoyed during these days of social distancing, many have taken their offerings online and made them free of charge. We’ve rounded up some of the best virtual tours you […]

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how toronto businesses are helping

How Torontonians Are Helping During Social Distancing

April 10,2020

The past few weeks have brought unprecedented change to our city, and daily life looks much different with important social distancing requirements in place. But Toronto’s greatest asset, its people, have been quick to show their resilience and dedication to community. Residents and business owners are pitching in to help out wherever they can, coming […]

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buy real estate in toronto

Where To Buy Real Estate In Toronto To Get A Great Return On Investment

March 13,2020

It’s no secret that Toronto’s real estate is hotter than ever. With proximity to the US, renowned healthcare and education, and plenty of culture, investing in Toronto real estate makes a lot of sense. Further, 18.5 percent of Canada’s annual GDP is generated here and 100,000 new residents in need of housing arrive annually. Anyone […]

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how mod developments contributes to toronto

How MOD Developments Contributes To Toronto By Preserving Its History

March 03,2020

A number of recent projects have successfully combined restoration and new construction, proving that design can be both forward-thinking and respectful of the past. Preserving the city’s history by thoughtfully enhancing existing architecture is just one of the ways MOD Developments contributes to Toronto. Here we take a look at some of these innovative projects […]

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How 55C Residences Is Designed To Fit Your Lifestyle

February 14,2020

Bloor Yorkville is at the centre of it all in Toronto. The area is a natural draw simply because it has everything to offer you: the best restaurants and shopping, respected institutions of higher learning, and cherished cultural centres. Living here is its own reward, an experience as special as the unique surroundings. Read on […]

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