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A Tour of 55C’s Green Features

condo green features

Homebuyers who are looking to invest in a new property often have a long wish list. In recent years, environmentally friendly living spaces have grown in popularity and as technology evolves it’s now possible to find new, modern construction that offers many green features. 55C is proud of the energy-efficient systems it has put in place, which residents will benefit from for years to come.

Heating And Cooling Efficiency

condo green features

One of the most important condo green features offered is heating and cooling efficiency. Suite owners want to be able to control the amount of heating and air conditioning used. At 55C, each suite comes with its own separate electrical consumption meter, based on a four-pipe mechanical system that allows for individually controlled heating and air cooling any time of the year. Each unit also has its own heat recovery ventilators, which remove household air and bring in fresh air. They ensure a continuous supply of fresh air in your suite and they’re able to recover much of the heat from your outgoing air. High-efficiency gas boilers are used to drive the entire system, both for domestic hot water needs and the full heating/cooling loop.

Water Efficiency

condo green features

Each suite at 55C comes equipped with an individual water consumption meter. This condo green feature follows the pay per use concept, so you only pay for the amount of water used in your own unit. When you are billed for your own consumption only it gives you greater control over how much is used; many find it often motivates positive changes in behaviour and helps with water conservation efforts. You will not have to worry about subsidizing your neighbour’s consumption habits and you’ll see direct financial benefits from reducing your own. The plumbing fixtures in the suites also conserve water, so you can rest assured this resource will be used responsibly throughout the building and not wasted. 


condo green features

Lighting plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere in your home. You want lighting that is bright enough to accommodate any tasks, but you also want your space to have a welcoming feeling or mood. Suites at 55C are all individually metered and take advantage of the latest green technology available. Smart Meter tech helps control energy costs while increasing energy efficiency in individual suites. Residents pay only for the energy used in their unit and benefit from their own personal conservation efforts. The building also uses energy-efficient lighting throughout all of its common spaces. 

Taking a thoughtful approach to each of the individual elements that go into a successful project is what separates good builders from the best. Using green technology benefits everyone and helps to reduce our environmental footprint. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the MOD Developments blog for more on the latest green features we’re building into our projects.